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October 2013


CloneWars Barcelona meetup

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Last Saturday I joined the meetup that CloneWars Barcelona group had.

CloneWars is the biggest group related to 3d printers in Spain, mainly focused into replicating printers.

It was really good. Many people with a tinkerer profile, hacking hardware doing their own 3d printer parts, CNC routers, and even some ideas to build a laser cutter.

I used the opportunity to talk a bit about our project with some of them, as potential fabbers, but without overdoing…haha


CloneWars Barcelona

Later we went to MADE makerspace where Camilo was gently waiting for us to show us the place and the equipment they have. Nice collaboratice concept and lots of potential. Well, I am a member 😉

Here the link to the email list from CloneWars Barcelona.

We also talked about the group 3d Print Barcelona, very interesting for those that didn’t know about it already. In particular the availability to make projects together, based in the Ateneu de Fabricació de les Corts.

Titanic Gym

UX in traditional businesses

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Titanic Gym

The first class gymnasium and the only one onboard Titanic

I am a member of a chain of gyms in Barcelona.

And I am seeing how the User Experience is decreasing from time to time through a strategy in search of revenues not very well defined, and of course looking for cost reductions but in elements that are too visible for clients.

We talk a lot about UX in websites, but it is also important in traditional businesses. The fact is that for a website it is relatively easy to know the impact of changes in user experience. You have a full set of metrics and you can do A/B tests to know what works ans what not.

In brick & mortar, it is more blind direction, except for the direct feedback from customers if you are willing to listen to it.

In case of gyms they are lucky that there is a lot more friction for a provider change and there is some room for clients tolerance when something goes worse.


Some examples of changes that I consider a mistake.

Use the same premises to provide low cost service

This implies there are people that do not have access to some services and then you need to build barriers inside: vending machines for towels, oblige the client to identity identification with a card or a bracelet to get access to any of the normal services anywhere inside the gym (classes, towels, locker rooms, ..). Uncomfortable…

It would make more sense to open low cost centers, but in this case there is additional investment need, of course.

Reduce costs in elements that are really visible

In example to change towels to something that looks more like a napkin. There is clear dissatisfaction from clients.

The trick is that in the Internet you just jump to another website that keeps delivering the service you are used to when something gets worse in the current one. But in this case it is a small decrease in service that the client will finally accept.

My big doubt is, looking at the claims unattended,  how much you can decrease the service level perception to get the clients change directly to another provider even with the burden that comes with it.

Any experience worth sharing in brick & mortar UX?


My new project

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I see now that I have not been writing for more than a month. But in fact this is not exactly true, since I’ve been writing but in the Fabshub blog.
This is the new project that I started with Esteban around five weeks ago.

What is Fabshub?

Basically, and based on the comments from people in several events from the 3d Print Barcelona group, we found that on hand there were people with willingness to 3dprint for others and on the other hand there were people with interest to 3dprint objects. so it made sense to create a marketplace.

In addition, as in our souls we are makers and we love the Maker world we also decided to include other digital fabrication tools such as laser cutters, CNC routers, vinyl cutters and 3D scanners. Those that need something to be made will not have to do it piece by piece. Everything will be available on the same site 🙂

If you need someone to make a design for you we will also have designers providing 3D modelling service.


What have we done up to now?

Well, defining the model, create a landing page, a blog, social networks presence (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest), …don’t underestimate the amount of effort that all this represents.

With the first 50 registered users we ran a survey some days ago already. If you want to help you can take the survey here. It’s only six questions. Superfast!

And few days ago we ended the web design, the wireframes. Frankly speaking, the most tedious part. Although we know this will change over time, we need to start with something.

It’s like when you have a plan. Plans are never accomplished on time, but at list they serve as a guide haha.

We are already taking orders via a form. Good practice since it lets us understand a bit what people are looking for, and the fact is that the majority have a maker focus. It forced as to take a service discoverer role using our contacts network: a CNC cut, a 3D scan, a 3d print but with a resin printer, and finally a normal object 3D printing…

Talking to people we also learned about other interest topics such as selling parts, additional services for makers like design and printing of PCBs, training courses, workshops to build 3d printers, …etc…

But this is for later. First thig is to have the basic service up and running 🙂

To finish

If you have interest to know or you want to provide any of the services described I encourage you to sign-up in our website

If you want to request services you can do it already!! just push the Request button and ask…