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enero 2015

Cube printing

Upgrade to All-metal nozzle

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Today I finally manage to upgrade my almost two years old 3dprinter with an all-metal nozzle.

I say “finally” because I spent around three to four months with the new nozzle in its package. Just focused on other topics, especially mountain activity as you can see in my other blog SisifoEscalador, in Spanish.

I have a BCN3d printer from RepRapBCN. I clogged the old nozzle several times -who doesn’t…?- but it went to a point that it affected the ability to print properly.

all metal nozzle 0.4mm

It took me quite some time today to perform the upgrade, just because I had to add another fan aiming directly to the nozzle sink, replace the support for the other fan that aims at the top layer and then modify the Z end stopper height and of course calibrate everything.

I still have a minor task, to put all the cables in a neat way.

First thing I’ve done is to check that the temperature is correct and that when heating it stays at the desired temperature. Time for a test print!!

Cube printing

For me the cube is the HelloWorld! of 3dprinters. Quick and easy to print, also reveals any calibration issue in any of the axes.

In fact, I have a calibration issue on Z axis. The cube is 30 x 30 x 29.5 mm. Damn!

And if you look at it there is some sort of glitch in a layer. To investigate….

Cube HelloWorld

Generally I can say the printer works smoother. I had issues with first layers using the old nozzle, sort of not delivering enough plastic. But this does not happen anymore and the first layers and the brim look neat. It also prints faster.

I have also change from 0.5 to 0.4 mm nozzle. I cannot notice the difference yet, but will do so. I have some remaining LayWood, hope it does not clog. I heard this is a typical issue with this material when nozzle holes are thins.

There is also a short video of the first layer. Sorry, comments in Spanish. I did not think I was going to post it!


The Imitation Game movie

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I just watched “The Imitation Game” movie based on Alan Turing‘s life and his involvement with breaking the nazi encryption codes during World War II. The machine used to encrypt messages was known as Enigma.


The Enigma machine

The movie is based on the book “Alan Turing: The Enigma” by Andrew Hodges.

There are of course some inaccuracies, as you usually find in any Hollywood movie where the story and the entertainment is more important than a good depiction of any real fact.

Anyway, yes it entertains and I recommend to watch it. This one is purely focused on Alan Turing’s character and personality, sort of intend of a biopic.

I also watched another film some years ago that I remember more interesting to me, because there was more focus on the Enigma machine, the decryption process and techniques. But also full of inaccuracies, for example on the Polish involvement. In this case the film was presented as fictional so nothing to complain 😉

The title was simply “Enigma“.


Back to the Imitation Game movie, what I found a bit nonsense is that the title is based on Turing’s work in 1950 paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” where he defines a test to be able to identify if an individual is a person or a computer, on a loose description. Check here for more details.

Anyway, the funny thing is that the film mainly shows his work in Bletchley Park as cryptoanalyst to decypher the Enigma codes, and there are only few minutes dedicated to the question of computers thinking. Why this title? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a marketing decision. In any case, the title is not representative of the film at all.