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Mini MakerFaire Barcelona 2016

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[Reviewing my blog I found a post that was never published. From February this year. Here it goes as is]

Last Sunday we went to the Barcelona Mini MakerFaire, that took place at CosmoCaixa. With our 3d Print Barcelona group.

It’s not the same to organize than to exhibit, clear enough. We just sorted out what we were going to do in a couple of meetings.

For the Printer Party it took us a month and a half with weekly meetings, it is really not the same 😉

We went around 10 volunteers from our group. I was even a bit embarrassed when sending such a big list of participants to the organization, but well, they know us..

Some stayed the whole day, while the rest were shifting between morning and afternoon.

The group article is in this link, so I am going to explain the most personal piece.

A petar

Few members of the group in  full action

The place got really crowded, we honestly did not know how it was going to go in such a far place, but it was already full the moment they opened.  And it got even more full during the day!

On Saturday I printed the group logo, in big size, so I had to make it in two pieces. First the “3D” that I could finish at home, then I had the “Print Barcelona” to do the they after during the faire because I had to bring the 3d printer to CosmoCaixa the afternoon before. All unloading was done this day.

Logo 3D

The logo, the piece made at home

So I started another print during the faire.

Logo 3D 2a parte

A failed printing attempt

We had fail samples already, but well, here goes a fail in time. If you look at the right side you will notice a warping. Lack of hairspray was the verdict 😉

Due to my involvement in LynxCross gym, a functional training a bit special because it includes vertical moves on a wall, I no longer follow the maker and 3d printing movement as I did in the past. There is a lot of DIY in my gym, if anyone is interested or curious to see it he is welcome! it’s in Sants neighborhood.

So that these type of events come in handy to get up to speed quickly. You can see things lije a 6 extruders 3D printer, or someone growing up mushrooms with a system automated with Arduino, and others in similar fashion that just keep me in surprise mode.

The most common were drones and 3D printers. We start to have some SLAs in Barcelona: one from Printhatshit, a new one from Raúl from Hangar and I saw another one shown by I did not have the time to talk to them.

Many known people from Barcelona circle between makerspaces and local shops, many of them from group members with a drive for entrepreneurship that have started their own business. And that unfortunately we see less by now, because they have to attend their own business!!

Plenty of good vibes between the people, David from 3D-Seed gave me a sample of PETG filament to test it, but I did not notice it was 1.75 filament and I continue with the old fashioned 3mm. Soon it will be three years with my 3d printer! so I had to give this sample to someone else in our group.

Roger from BCN 3D Technologies gave me a spool of PLA from Colorfila also to test it. It is local filament, and I am hearing positive comments about it, good that we have local products to supports entrepreneurs from here.

Jordi from Makers and Bits gave me a 3D printed minion also haha.

I am printing the second part of the logo again, to have it done once and for all. when it’s done I will test this filament.

From our stand the most successful were the the Fails. We could not get much because I thought about it the evening before. We knew there were many shops, showing the marvels that can be done with 3d printing. What could we add as a non for profit group? well, showing the less nice part, the fails. We all go through it and it is good that people know that it happens and how to prevent them.


In fact right there the filament broke and I had a fail. You can avoid it, by keeping the filament in a zip bag with dryer material away from humidity, but I haven’t done it before.

The second thing with most success were the 3D printed letters, because we were giving them for free! we had so many spared from the Printer Party that we still have to giver. In fact we missed something important, to add a sign stating that they were for free, only someone thought about it in the afternoon.

And then another thing that was catching a lot of attention from kids was the 3D printed Tetris, because you can play to place the pieces at your will. Some kids were directly jumping into moving pieces around without even asking…times change. What is interesting is the lack of references in some cases, it’s not a modern game, and I was seeing some kids setting pieces on the top side, like a jigsaw. Anyone that has played with Tetris puts the pieces starting at the bottom without even thinking about it, just where the pieces would fall in the game 😛


I also met César and Sara from Makespace Madrid, that let me touch and hold the awaited “Manual de Supervivencia Maker” book. They made it happen, not without plenty of effort and issues that happen in such a project. In my case I contributed to the e-book version that I am already reading since few days.


Well, a full big day, with plenty of curious people, many creators and new things to learn.


Printer Party 2015 my small contribution

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After the biggest event this year for the group 3D Print Barcelona, the Barcelona Printer Party 2015, we decided to 3dprint all the robots and figurines the kids had made with during the TinkerPlay workshops.

I had to make a normal one and a winner one, this one printed in double size.

The normal gave me some hard times when trying to mount it, with some pieces even broken. I had to use glue to sort it out. Not because I had a lot of work with the printing, the whole thing took only two printing rounds. But the other one was a monster!

Despiece del normal

All the pieces of the normal size robot

For the winner figurine I did not take into account that you can modify the size of the objects in TinkerPlay, and that’s what the kid Eloy did. So I doubled the size of an object that was already big enough.

It took me several 12h printing rounds to get to this:


A sort of aracnid with a gigantic size

But I loved to see the pictures once mounted, especially those compared to a Lego figurine so you can really grab the size.

And it was really nice to see the kids amazed and starting to play when we delivered them.

Printer Party 2015

Barcelona Printer Party

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Our group is organizing a 3D Printing on Saturday, October 24th. The Barcelona Printer Party.

¡¡It will be huge!!

Altthough I show up as the founder of the group, since I got involved as co-founder of the LynxCross gym this year I do not spend much of my spare time to 3D Printing, and so Iam less up to date on what’s going on, and of course less active.

Fortunately the group counts with highly motivate people and we are making it through. It is a big organizational challenge for a group fully free and based on voluntary collaboration and lots of goodwill. In addition some members are over the acceptable geeky level…and I mean acceptable for already geek people 😛

We are making something huge. You can find the full program in our site (in Spanish).

In our group we usually do events every other week, with simple logistics. The Ateneu has already all the media and equipment we need, if it’s a talk the presenter brings his altptop in, we connect to the beamer and done.

But this is the event of the year. We made a similar one more than two years ago, at that time we called it “Primera quedada con impresoras 3d“, (I translated as “3D Printer Party” in my two languages blog) because we are not much creative haha. And for this year we have not improved in creativity and we adopted the term that people are used for this type of event. In fact we did not even spend time discussing the name, people in the group started calling it Printer Party and it stayed like this.

We’ve been about a month and a half working in preparation, with in person meetings every week to speed up organization. Online collaboration is really nice, but we speed up in person, provided there is a moderator to keep focus, usually my role 🙁

Printer Party 2015

If you do not know about 3D Printing

you will like it. You will see shops and business stands form Barceloan and whereabouts, you will have Introduction talks where you can ask all the things you want to know, that we missed to explain already: which 3dprinter I buy, how much it costs, which materials can be used, …and some workshops where oyu can learn the process completely, from modelling to get the real printed object in your hands.

If you have kids

it’s time to make them familiar with the new technologies. I recommend that you bring them in, we will do jumping frog races, we will show them to make a keychain with their own initial, ther ewill be workshops about TinkerPlay and TinkerCAD, two very intuitive tools for 3D objects design.

If you are really interested into making your kids familiar with technology, I recommend to attend the event from our friends Vailets Hacklab on Saturday 17th: the Vailets Hacklab Day. We are specialized in 3D Printing, and Vailets covers all type of digital technology such as robots, programming, arduino, etc…

If you are part of 3D Printing

You whould not miss the tinkerer/maker zone with the best inventions from hobbyists. See by yourself how we can tune and customize a 3D printer. And if you have something to show join us here

Maybe you are interested in the Rhino masterclass, or see how fast we can model simple objects with TinkerCAD.

¡¡Visit us!!

You can RSVP here

Bitsevent 2014

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I went yesterday to bitsevent. The main theme was retrogames but there was also a space for tech.

I met there Roman Nuez with his Funlab project, Jordi Martín with his makers&bits and Oriol from Stalactite3d.

That was just for chatting and getting up to date on their projects.


I enjoyed the retro area. Meeting again with my Commodore 64 was just reminding me my teens, lots of time spent typing Basic code from magazines, and how I later switched to Assembler.

That was an amazing experience. The first time I filled a screen with ‘A’ it was stuning. I couldn’t tell how fast it was, used to Basic.

Commodore 64

It’s not exactly like mine, I remember keys on darker grey.

Another interesting encounter was the ZX80 and the ZX81 from Sinclair.



I bought a couple of geek t-shirts and left the space because I am not into gaming anymore.




3dprinting introduction at ESDI design school

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A couple of weeks ago, I ran a 3dprinting introduction session at ESDI. A design school in Barcelona.


Although I used the same presentation we have in the 3dprint Barcelona group which targets general public, in fact I customized part of the content having in mind I was talking to designers.

Our standard presentation can be found here in slideshare.

The audience was pretty active and asking many questions. There was also a bit of debate on the designer role in the future, with positive and pessimistic views. For example, the 3d object repositories and the easiness to copy files will reduce significantly the need of a designer since one will find many objects there already. On the other hand, creativity will still be needed.

I also explained the bottleneck that prevents 3dprinting from booming at consumer level. And it is what to use it for at home. Will not improve until CAD design becomes more user-friendly with a shorter learning curve. Or the alternative is the apps that let you customize specific objects. I showed them nervous systems as a perfect example for jewelry customization.

In addition to the standard content, we also had a look at Shapeways and its business model: having designers create their own shop so everybody wins. Shapeways gets content for free and increases printing sales, designers have an infrastructure to sell their creations. People were amazed by the availability of materials, and I also showed around a couple of impressive cups from Bernat Cuni I got 3dprinted in ceramics.

Overall it is always a nice experience to share knowledge and get positive feedback. Although I also like to hear about things to improve.

The downside is that it takes a lot of time. There are other universities or schools interested in this kind of content, but my availability is low so I think I will keep it to the group events for now.

I moved back to my former hobby. I am doing a lot of mountain activity, trailrunning is the most frequent. In fact I engaged already in a 44k trailrunning event by Nov 30th. Let’s see what happens! it’s a challenge for me 🙂


Introduction to 3D printing in Pipoca

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Tonight I made a short speech about 3d printing in Pipoca, a new co-working space in Barcelona.

It was for the opening and we were several presenters with topics like Lean startup, 3d Printing and Dragon dreaming.

The presentation (in Spanish) is available here in Slideshare. Basically I included pictures to show the variety of things you can make, and some links to explore further.


Obviously I also attached information about our project fabshub where I am co-founder and the user community 3dprintbarcelona, where I am a proud and active member 🙂

Mention to CloneWars and FundacioCim too.

What I found interesting is that it is changing a bit. Finally no body asked about the gun. Although the public was novice to 3d printing, I got interesting questions over than basic ones.

For instance if you can print several materials at the same time, or if it is possible to recycle failed prints material.

This last one was asked among a small group of women, with an intro “I am going to ask you something tactless”. And I replied first thing that came to my mind: “you are going to ask me if it is possible to 3d print a dildo?”. And the answer is Yes!! The models are here in [Update March 2017: site no longer available]. We had a good laugh haha.

Then as always I could test how different customer desires are. A girl told me afterwards that she liked one of the objects that I presented, something I would never wear myself. That’s why we have Lean for, the speech before mine 😉

The object is in fact a wearable planter. Interesting, right?

colgante planta shapeways


CloneWars Barcelona meetup

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Last Saturday I joined the meetup that CloneWars Barcelona group had.

CloneWars is the biggest group related to 3d printers in Spain, mainly focused into replicating printers.

It was really good. Many people with a tinkerer profile, hacking hardware doing their own 3d printer parts, CNC routers, and even some ideas to build a laser cutter.

I used the opportunity to talk a bit about our project with some of them, as potential fabbers, but without overdoing…haha


CloneWars Barcelona

Later we went to MADE makerspace where Camilo was gently waiting for us to show us the place and the equipment they have. Nice collaboratice concept and lots of potential. Well, I am a member 😉

Here the link to the email list from CloneWars Barcelona.

We also talked about the group 3d Print Barcelona, very interesting for those that didn’t know about it already. In particular the availability to make projects together, based in the Ateneu de Fabricació de les Corts.

Roland iModela

3D printer training in MADE makerspace

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Yesterday I joined the training sessions that we ran in MADE, the Barcelona makerspace. I ran the training for one of our printers: the BCN3D. By chance it’s the same I have at home 😉

Is you are around Barcelona I encourage you to join, 100% maker / hacker atmosphere !

I prepared a short tutorial document with all basics steps such as preheating, using slic3r, printing, etc. This is for free use by makerspace members.

We did not touch the calibration and printbed leveling cause we were out of time. I just explained the main idea of where to adjust since this is not something to be done frequently.

We were not many and this is logical having in mind that it’s still August -sort of THE vacation month in Spain-, but several known faces showed up.

Fortunately we did sequentially so I could see the iModela in action, and the Up and his almost magical leveling system handled by software. Very cool.


Roland iModela

Roland iModela

Afterwards some of us just went out for a drink, as usual 😛

I haven’t started any project yet there, but it is a pleasure to spend some time there, chat with people, share ideas and end up doing something together. For sure better than tinkering alone at home 😀

Regarding the project topic, in fact I am starting a new project for a service related to 3d printing. Still working on the platform. More to come soon. Stay tuned!!


First 3d printer party

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This weekend we finally had the first 3d printer party.

As always, through the 3d Print Barcelona meetup group where I am the organizer.

We had around 90 people that did RSVP in total, but I had the feeling that not all of them came. I also have to mention that the fact that it was taking a day and a half generated some dilution of people, and I did not spend a second counting people. Many new faces, in fact.

We were hosted in the Ateneu de Fabricació, public space lended to us while we organize activities that revert back to the city, either by spreading technology, or by generating projects that revert back, etc.

The premise is awesome: wide, illuminated, full of possibilities. And there will be 3d equipment 🙂


Friday afternoon

On Friday we met around 15 printers. There were BCN3D, Prusa i2Prusa i3 and the famous Gofre 3d from Luis Rodriguez.

First part of the afternoon was dedicated to setup our printers, organize ourselves, etc and attend the curious visitors that came to see the printers working. In my case, I was walking around speaking to everyone. I start to have problems to distinguish what I have been talking about with each one and the worst, I am bad with names! so if I don’t remember your name it’s not personal…sorry!! I have to interact several times with someone to be able to fix his name in my memory… 🙁

In addition, we are already 200 in the group. Growing fast!


Around 7pm,when atmosphere was more quiet and only geeks were still there we had a little round table. The topic was wide. What do we do with 3d printers, how do we see the future in 5 years, what will people be using the printers for, wil there be a printer in every home, business models, well, we spent more than 1h enjoying our discussions.

And I think this was one of the activities most appreciated. Took note for next time!



By the way,at 4pm it was so hot…still some things to polish in the Ateneu, and one of them is the air conditioning.

Saturday was more quiet, unexpected for me. I guess people were going to the beach or it was more difficult for them to convince their wife to let them go, who knows 😉


PLYUMP  PLYUMP  Ateneu en chocolate

Luis presentation, and the printing of “Ateneu les Corts” in chocolate.

We had two presentations, food printing from Luis Rodriguez where he showed us in real time how he was printing 3d texts in chocolate and he presented his personal project to us. The different versions to improve the peristaltic pump (it makes the food go up through the extruder and the syringe). He was working on version 0.49 if I am not mistaken. What a passion! and he also explained the different food materials tested.

Very instructive and interesting, by touching a different topic.

Then we made a classic one. Albert Campos presented Introduction to 3d Printing. A presentation that he did already in May in our group (Thanks Albert!) but I think it has to be there regularly as one of our group objectives is to spread the technology and what you can do with it. And let’s be realistic, there is a big portion of the 200 members of the group that do not have a printer. Some of them have the intention, others just start to show interest in the topic, looking to understand if this could be useful for their job or hobby. And here we have graphical designers, industrial designers, architects, makers, etc.., even gamers and miniature passionate. Very assorted!

Introducción 3d Printing

The next talk was done by Albert again. This time about materials.  In addition to the typical PLA & ABS he also explained Nylon, LayWood and LayBrick.

I already bought a sample of the two last ones to test. Wood texture should be cool 🙂

After that we went out for lunch, just because it was quiet. That was good because we grouped with people from Clone Wars that also came. They had a vision more focused on the engineering aspects of printers (i am clearly biaised to software). For those that do not know Clone Wars is “The Community” in Spain for home 3d printing. If you wnat to build your own printer this is the place to go given the amount of information that you can find and the support that they provide, especially for RepRap Prusa i2 and i3.

Mi impresora  Prusa i2  Prusa i3

Printers BCN3D, Prusa i2 and Prusa i3

Below, David & Mark with their project: Noom


And the afternoon was more quiet still with some visits and chatting between us.

We left the place just asking ourselves when the next event was going to take place. We’ll see.

October or November sounds like a good time. For now we are working on lessons learned. You can join and contribute in our mailing list in Google Groups.

And starting on September we will meet in the Ateneu every other week. I will post the events in the meetup group.

If you want some pictures there are several here.

Maker Faire Barcelona

Maker Faire Barcelona

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Last Saturday I joined the Mini Maker Faire Barcelona.

Maker Faire Barcelona

I am a bit late on publishing because I went on business trip this week.

But I enjoyed the event, and it is worth posting even late.

Maker Faire

They had a block of Bailen street taken, in addition to the MOB premise.

There was any kind of maker stuff, many based on technology platforms such as Arduino.

Otro estilo

Another type of 3d




MADE invention. Very cool, and built in just a week. Power of makerspaces!

Inside the “helmet” there si an iPad showing the image from the camera in the basement. Camera is moved by a servo, actioned by a raspberry pi.

To detect the head turns they used an Android phone on top of the helmet to provide gyroscope readings.

Good job!!






And quite some 3d printers:

  • UP printer, distributed by entresD in Spain
  • Resin printer prototype from Joan and his associate. They will retail it soon
  • The omnipresent and solid BCN3D printers from RepRapBCN (disclaimer: I have one…)
  • My colleagues of BuilRepRap. They organize workshops to build your own Prusa i3
  • The food printer from Luis Rodríguez, with his particular printing of Petit Suisse, jellies and others.

Jordi Reynés, who manages the Ateneu de Fabricació, was also there and manage to close dates and other topics for our event next week.

It will be the biggest that we have ever done, Friday afternoon and the whole Saturday, bringing our own 3d printers.

If you have a printer RSVP here. If you don’t have it but want to know more you’re welcome here.

And now some pics of the event.


Impressora Joan

Joan and his resin printer. With STL (Stereolithography) you get better resolutions than with FDM (plastic deposition)


The BuildRepRap stand. Do you want to build a Prusa i3 in one weekend?? this is the place…

Gofre 3d

Luis and his Gofre 3d. Just printing jelly, I guess!


RepRapBCN stand. They had normal plastic printing and cookies printing.


Easy Solid

Easy Solid, with his brand new model, improved compared to the initial prototype

And this Sunday to Betahaus in the meeting with Etsy.

PS: except for the first two pictures, all others belong to Ugo Riboni under CC BY license