makerfaire rome

Enjoying our 3D printing project: the VIT

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We are just few days from the Makerfaire Rome, after the craziness of Barcelona Printer Party this Saturday where I am also part of the organization. And in just a couple of days we leave for Rome.
makerfaire rome

Days of intense activity. We continue at top speed with the last external finish details of the third VIT prototype, a low cost laser sintering 3D printer. There are few options in the low cost range for 3D printers of SLS technology, and we expect high demand at least from the request received up to now from interested resellers.

VIT 3D printer front

The VIT 3D printer prototype version 2
In addition, we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign for Kickstarter, to be launched when I return form Nepal. The initial aim was to launch by mid October, but the campaign preparation requires more work than we thought.
When you watch others campaigns you get the feeling that it’s two guys that met, made a video and took some pictures and that’s all…but everything needs to be thought and calculated. The major difficulty is to define what you get in exchange of the rewards. Because if you make a mistake it goes against you, and it does not happen often to ask for additional money and it is not well considered anyway.

One aspect that is becoming more complex than expected is shipment, for example, since the volume of a machine plus the 10kg powder is a European pallet of 130cm height and almost 140kg.
Well, I said this before shooting the video!! this will really be difficult 😛
These are intense moments, but also very exciting. What we do now determines the future of the Natural Robotics company and its growth. Let’s see how we remember this in a while!!
I got friends that started an entrepreneurial activity related to 3D printing and had to shut down. I hope I learnt something from the mistakes they shared with me…

Feria in3dustry

Cambio de vida

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After 17 years working for a multinational and at 46 years old I’ve done a change of life, a big bet that I hope works well.

It did not happen overnight, well the exit yes obviously, but I had entrepreneurial desires that became more and more strong. At the beginning I was thinking about starting up something and it was like looking at a megaproject like buitnding a castle on my own, but then I got myself involved in the meetup groups related to startups in Barcelona (strongly recommended). Her ethe majority of people has around 25 to 33 years, so less risk averse that older people to say it nicely 😛

When there are no kids, no mortgage, etc everything gets easier: change of job, live with no income for a while, change of country, etc…

Kudos for the people who start businesses with kids, mortgages and other responsibilities on top!! it’s not my case so risk is lower for me. The truth is that my mother, who was from the conservative generation with the concept of a lifetime job, would have had a heart attack!!

In these groups there is usually networking time and people talk about their projects and somehow you get caught with this atmosphere.

I got bored of the current format “I have an idea – build a team – pitch and more pitch – raise interest from an investor that wants to multiply its investment 10 times – …”. The TV show “Silicon Valley” shows it very well, don’t miss any opportunity to watch it!!

In my case I prefer businesses that generate revenue form the beginning and grow organically. No “change the world” and no “take the world”…

After this I moved into action and did some attempt as a side project with members of the 3D group. It did not work out but I saw it was feasible to build something. That was two years ago. It was the moment to build a DLP 3D printer, now there are even too many…

After this project and some other stuff related to 3D y came back to focus on my mountain activities, with always great satisfaction 😀

LynxCross gym

But the need stays there, and at the beginning of last year I joined Christian Ducos and Flor to open a gym. It was not an usual gym and it was more a proof of concept to see how the methodology worked. It’s called LynxCross. Functional training where climbing walls is an important element in the high intensity circuits that we practice there. Wood walls and holds and climbing with socks, a new concept for all public that is working really well.

Christian already designed the activity like more than a year ago before we joined our forces, in an indoor boulder. And we have been defining the activity in this year and a half, since in fact we all came from rock climbing and we changed the concept to leave the climbing shoes out. You can check a good article in Catalan in TimeOut.

Christian is fully dedicated to the gym and we have been growing organically with the resources we had, so if it requires a certain amount of dedication form my side it is not full-time requirement and in fact I could not make a proper living form it now. Now that we have plans to open a second center we’ll see….

Here you can see my crazy partner having fun in a moment he did not have clients months ago 😛

Every Friday at 19h30 there is a free Introduction session. It really works because people can try by themselves and make their minds if they like it or not. The usual client profile is a person that is bored already of doing workouts with machines or weights.

Circuito Lynxcross

An example of an Intro session. Practicing a LynxCross cricuit

To have a better idea of what we do the best is to look at our Instagram account. Plenty of creativity, signature of Christian!

Natural Robotics 3D printers

But I kept having interest on 3D printing, and so I joined Héctor Esteller to start a company to design and make 3D printers. It’s not the best moment for consumer segment, the hype is over, but for professional it still works and will continue working.

I spoke with Héctor a year ago already but I had too many things starting at the same time so each one followed his path. We kept seeing each other frequently with the 3D Print Barcelona group, in fact we perform together the Introduction to 3D Printing talks with a very good connection, and finally we met again this year.

And we started Natural Robotics. With a filament 3D printer, the Delta Black, that Héctor had already developed and tested some time ago, and with good expectations with our SLS low cost prototype, the VIT. So I just jumped into this, plenty of stress for some months because I had to combine activities in both projects with my job in the multinational, and now fully dedicated to both.


Feria in3dustry

In In(3D)ustry fair in June in Barcelona

The thing I most enjoyed since the very first day of my new life, especially with the current hot weather, is to not have to ear a suit anymore. I love going with shorts and flip-flops 😀

How can go back now haha. I had already abandoned the tie a while ago at least…

And the other thing is not having an alarm in the morning. But here I have to find a balance because I am a night guy by nature. I was already going to sleep late when I had work schedule and now without time schedule pressure well…no comments…my body will adjust over time, I can pretend to change everything in a row!!

I will active and in Barcelona in August so if you have any topic you need to know, you want to know more about my experience because you are in a similar phase, etc… glad to talk over a beer.

Print the Legend

Print the Legend, the movie

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This weekend I finally watched the movie “Print the Legend“, it has been available in fact through Netflix since 2014.

Print the Legend

I was disappointed, because I thought there will be coverage of the open source movement in 3D printing, its origins with Adrian Bowyer and the RepRap project.

Nothing like this.

Focus is on the consumer and prosumer market: the creation and evolution of Makerbot and Formlabs. The star Bre Pettis and his fast evolution from maker to a corporate CEO, abandoning many of his initial values.

Climax moment when they decide to close the design and abandon Open Source Hardware. Zach Hoeken leaves the company with a clear declaration of disagreement with the new direction, he states it clearly in this post. I remember the comments for that period, but it is better to see the person explaining it in video.

I was shocked by the amount of people that were dismissed by the company, due to “not matching” the management point of view. With this accelerated growth all types of friction appear and you can see how they have to professionalize, up to the point of the big hit with the sale to Stratasys.

It is funny to know all the time across the documentary that Bre is going to stop being the CEO of the company…while he appears putting his life on it, loosing friends, loosing even his own identity for the company. As they say in The Godfather: “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business” 😛

Regarding FormLabs the most interesting piece is the Kickstarter campaign tha they ran -they closed 2.9 million dolars- and what it meant for them in terms of commitment, big delays to deliver, etc.

There is also an episode of founder leaving the company due to conflicts related to the direction to follow.

It seems this is the normal pattern in these startups with fast growth. Frictions show up, frictions that in a small group would be sorted out differently.

What is really sad is that a documentary just limits itself to this part of the planet like there was nothing else happening at the same time. Ultimaker is an example of startup very linked to the RepRap project beginnings and still operates from the Netherlands with an Open Source philosophy.

To summarize, it is worth watching “Print the Legend”, but have in mind this is a partial vision, only in USA, of the history.

my 3d printer

Proud to be part of the 3dprinting movement

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I am proud to be part of the 3dprinting movement in Barcelona.

It’s already two years since I involved myself in the 3dprinting scene by building a RepRap 3dprinter. I was conscious I didn’t know anything about it, so I built the BCN3D 3dprinter in a workshop conducted by RepRapBCN.
If you want to get into this, and don’t plan to buy a commercial product that you cannot touch or modify, best advice is the workshop.

my 3d printer

my 3dprinter

We created the Barcelona community, thanks to many people engaged and caring, many of us marveled by the possibilities of being a 3dprinter owner. The group 3dPrint Barcelona is active two years later. We are currently collaborating to build a drone for many of us and of course, frame will be 3dprinted.
Apart from this project experience we are also running talk events every other week where we give introduction to 3dprinting for newbies, we teach about software tools like CAD tools or slicers, or even hardware like arduino or nozzles. There is always a piece of networking having a drink afterwards, which is the most valuable piece for all of us to share projects and ideas.


In fact there were people joining for fun, but others planned to have fun while they start a business related to 3dprinting.

And so we have seen several people from the group taking the risk and starting their own business:

TresdeNou with Rafael Bravo and Cesar Acero, a 3dprinting shop where you can buy 3dprinters, supplies and get scanning and printing services. Make your own figurine for example.

MakersandBits with Jordi Martin. Jordi provides 3dmodeling, scanning and 3dprinting services.

Printhatshit with Fran, a 3dprinting shop for makers where you can buy 3dprinter kits and supplies.

Redresins with Mirjam Versteegh and Beth Deavila, shop specialized in filament and resin for 3dprinters. They also resell the B9Creator 3dprinter in Europe.

Even if it is not a business, I also want to mention the work that Luis Rodriguez is doing in the food 3dprinting space. His blog 3digitalcooks is full of info about the scene with interviews to major actors and inventors, and you can have lot of fun reading through his experiments with his own food 3dprinter or other tools.


And what about me? I tried to build a business with 3dprinters a year ago jointly with some other group members, but we failed. Check my posts history for details.
I still love 3dprinting, but I also see that the consumer space, that had opportunities for small startups because the major players were not focused on it, is now starting to get crowded. Soon you will need a big investment to run anything on the hardware space. You can still open a shop and be a reseller but I see no fun on it. Prefer to build or create things!!

In fact, I am building a place in Barcelona which is a mix of a gym and an indoor rock climbing place. We will have boulder walls and also all type of equipment for functional training.
Classes will be guided, the activity is called LynxCross based on the lynx since we do not look for big muscle building but agility, flexibility and resilience. Check out here

LynxCross boulder


New project LynxCross

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I got involved in a new project LynxCross


This time it is not much Tech oriented, but in fact I plan to integrate some Tech elements in the future. I cannot do otherwise 🙂

The idea was started by Christian, my climbing trainer, a year ago. He wanted to mix functional training with climbing or to be more specific, with vertical moves.

You don’t need to be a rock climber to do LynxCross activities. But you can benefit from all the advantages of vertical movement: balance, strength improvement on hands and arms, core improvement.

I remember when I started climbing, I was astonished by the increase in strength in my hands. Suddenly I could open any kind of jar. Nothing resists to my hands!!

The second thing was balance, It was not even conscious, my body reacted to look for the best balanced position at any moment, I was quickly reacting to changes that put my body in an unstable situation. Loved it!! well, you don’t need to go rock climbing to get this, some exercises in a boulder will do the job.

Of course if you love rock climbing, that’s also a good place to train. We will have several walls with different difficulty levels.

But the best is to mix functional training with vertical movements.

This will be unique in Barcelona.

Some benefits I can think of coming from functional training: agility, flexibility, full body strength. This is not to get a body like a pack of muscles!



Currently we have a location, but it is not already open for public. Check our website for updates.

The biggest milestone to achieve, and the one that is delaying us at the moment, is to obtain all legal permits to be able to open.

This implies some works to be done in our place, and of course plenty of face lift.


I added some unprofessional mobile pics taken when testing the concept and gear with friends

Fit LynxCross ball

Playing with a 9 kg ball


LynxCross jump

Myself – jumping time!



AllWall – new innovative concept for symmetrical moves, quite some DIY here

Here a sneak pic of one of the boulder walls under construction…



I think we will open to public by April, although this is a quite optimistic timeline 😉


DP-14 and Norbert

ClarityFab DP-14 dental 3dprinter

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Yesterday we published in our web ClarityFab that the new dental 3dprinter DP-14 is finally launched to the public, to be presented in the Expodental fair in Madrid.

Today, when I started to write in my personal blog, I just was amazed of the amount of time I dedicated to the project because I did not write here for almost TWO months 🙁

And in fact this is still to write about the project, sharing how glad we are with this big new. We’ve been working hard for three months the four of us in the project, some more months each one on his own either designing, making contacts or exploring the market.

And we’re happy about the outcome in so short time

DP-14 and Norbert

This is a LoFi picture taken yesterday before packing the 3dprinter to send it to Madrid.

Pose is not natural, smile yes 😀

I don’t want to make an extensive post, the specs are available in ClarityFab blog [Update March 2017: the site does not exist anymore].

And I will let you know how the fair goes!

Founder Institute

I left the Founder Institute

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This week I left the Founder Institute.

Founder Institute

For those that have not heard about it, it is an accelerator program for startups compatible with your current job. Sessions are held one evening per week for four months.

The main reason to leave is that I moved to another project in December. The program, that has standard objectives for the whole world, went into a mismatch with the priorities I have for our startup ClarityFab (we make 3dprinters).

So you end up doing work that, even if it is for your startup, has lower priority than other tasks where you really need to focus.

In addition, the sessions have presentations from mentors about the different topics throughout the startup creation: customer review, revenues, legal & IP, etc. However, as I’ve attended a significant number of events startup related over the last year, I actually was not finding myself learning anything substantially new.

There is a piece that can be improved from my point of view. The program is setup like a competition system where only the best projects survive (you can join another project if yours is weak). It reminds to me the philosophy quite American style like “only the best make it”.

But in fact, if you have some weaknesses what makes sense is to get special support for the weak topic (groups of participants are created with the intention that the group provides support). You join the program just for this, to get help. If you have to do it on your own you then just don’t need to join any program.

Where I see a good proposition. If you have hard work capacity and you want someone to push you to build a startup in 4 months this is a option fully compatible with your day job. Accelerators usually require full-time dedication from the very beginning.

Some advice. Do not underestimate the amount of work to be done, if you want to do it well.

Now fully dedicated to! This week we closed our search for an office 🙂

PS: opinions expressed here are personal and my own.


We shutdown fabshub

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Well, after less than three months effort with the fabshub project, we have decided to close it down.

The main reason is that the two partners have a different view on how to approach the startup seed phase. And we are then blocked.

However I want to share what I’ve learned with this project.

“Fail fast and fail cheap” is really a good advice that we have put into practice, so now we are in a position to start new ventures. In fact, I am already starting something new with new people, of course still in 3d printing. If you want to know more you just have to follow the blog.

Things that I’ve learned. The famous lessons learned thing:


You have to spend more time with the name, or use someone with the right skills for this. Our name was decided in few hours mainly checking available domains than anything else, and that it sounded like our concept “fabs” for fabrication and “hub” for network. But truth is that nobody can pronounce it in Spanish and even in English it is difficult to remember. You find this when you face reality as soon as you start sharing your name with people. Better to start sharing before you register because it is more difficult to change it later. General advice is to check it with your grandmothera.

Concierge service

It is to provide service without a system in the background, so you are the system by managing everything by email. You learn a lot as it lets you have  a lot of communication with the customer and it is not rigid so you can find things unexpected in your future web design. On the other hand, it is a lot of work!!

Minimal costs

Keep as long as possible without costs or with minimal ones. In these three months we have only spent in business cards and the domain. The rest has been covered with our own time or with resources we already had (computers, 3dprinters, etc..). It is also recommended to settle the company when you start getting income. In our case the process of shutting down only took us the time to have a drink together, sign a document to end the partner agreement, and continue as friends. None of us will continue with the project.

Use your community

The logic tells you should do a project dedicated to a topic you love. If this is the case you are probably part of a community already. It’s really a good point of support and helps to start. People have supported us a lot. If you don’t have a community, better start with this. Internet is too big and you don’t have money for advertisement. Of course, it depends on the type of service.

Revenue per transaction

The revenue per transaction were really low and I was worrid about this. With average transactions around 25-30 eur the 15% commission only represented 3-4 eur. If you also substract PayPal commission to this, almost 4%, there is not much left for you. the break-even was about 40,000 transactions, and it’s a lot!

Marketplace model

In this model you have to ensure that both parts grow at the same time, so 3dprinters on one side and makers/consumers on the other side. If you have too many printers, the problem of the platforms with more success, you will have people waiting anxiously to get orders and they will get discouraged with the platform. If you have too many customers then you will not be able to fulfill demand and they will go somewhere else with their printing requests. In the peer-to-peer 3dprinting model the main problem is the lack of demand. Maybe it will grow with time when people understand the 3d customization potential, but it is not the case and if you want to evangelize you need a lot of money. Or maybe everyone will end up with a 3d printer at home, and then this business has no reason to exist.


Always look for the simpler. People do not waste time, if it is complicated -unless you have a high motivation- just abandon and go to something else or another service.

In fasbhub we had complexity on diffferent aspects. First, the number of services offered. It is always recommended to focus, but we wanted to provide a set of services for makers, and this brought us to include 3dprinting, CNC, laser cutting, vinyl cutter, 3d scanner and 3d design. too many things too start.

In addition to 3d printing, CNC router cutting worked well and the 3d design, location independent, was even better. Laser cutting was the most difficult part, because no one has a piece of hardware for hobbyists, and you end up with professionals. If the customer looks for price you are only adding your fee to the product, so no real value added.

The other aspect of complexity sits in the 3dprint requests. Majority of customers bring objects that are not 3dprintable and require repairs or even in some cases cahnges suggested back to customers. I was doing all these checks and repairs before sending them to the printer owner, but in a scalable model it should be the recipient himself dealing with it. The best you can do is what 3dhubs has, an agreement with netfabb to access his API that provides automatic repair and provides the volume to be able to rate request properly.

But this is not enough to cover all the possible issues in a design. In addition FDM (plastic) printing is not friend of overhangs. You have to build supports and then take them out, more manual work to do that nobody likes.

we also find price calculation in the complexity topics. There are several factors that affect a 3dprinting cost for the printer owner. But everyone uses the price per volume. For example 0.50€/cm3.

But imagine you request a cube of 10x10x10 cm. This is 1000 cm3 and it will cost you 500€. The object is simple and almost void inside, only a fool would pay 500€. Here I considred a way to negotiate or a mechanism to adjust prices over 100€, to put a limit. The infill is also important. The more infill percentage, the more material used and the more time to print.


Another topic that worried me…if there are players in the market it is better that you do at least the same things they do (thsoe valued by the client), and something else better.

The normal customer wants quality finish, this is an assumption I did not validate in fact. For this there are  platforms like shapeways or imaterialise that provide objects with quality finish in different materials at your choice, and with competitive price.

The best advantage of p2p networks is the leadtime. you can get the object in 48h while other online printing platforms need 2-3 weeks. So, where I see more options is in the rapid prototyping for non-prefessional level, since the finish is not important but cheap and fast counts. In addition, there is the option to make adjustments through dialog with the printer owner. 3dhubs say people print iPhone cases in softPLA, a flexible material. But the truth is they don’t usually publish numbers about their transactions, just the number of printers in the network.

Another challenge is how to keep quality, you can make it autoregulate if you add reviews and feedback with ratings coming from customers, but currently there are no options to track non experts.

Make the client come back

Also known as Retention. This is a big challenge in a marketplace like this where the service is local, so it is normal to repeat transactiosn with the same people that delviered the first time. If your platform does not provide any additional valur apart form disovery of printers, people will bypass you. Why pay a commission if I get exactly the same by contacting directly?

I think this is not solved right now. So your LTV (Life Time Value) is the equivalent to one trnsaction. If your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is lower you may have a viable model, but it does not seem to be like this for p2p printing.

Ok, already enough info. I think this model needs that 3d knowledge spreads more. if the current market players can stand it may work for them, but the online services are improving their costs thanks to economies of scale. The other big risk is that 3dprintes become another commodity and everyone has one at haome. End of business.

In the meantime, I will focus my efforts to make 3dprinters 😀

I start a new project! Web under construction here:


My new project

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I see now that I have not been writing for more than a month. But in fact this is not exactly true, since I’ve been writing but in the Fabshub blog.
This is the new project that I started with Esteban around five weeks ago.

What is Fabshub?

Basically, and based on the comments from people in several events from the 3d Print Barcelona group, we found that on hand there were people with willingness to 3dprint for others and on the other hand there were people with interest to 3dprint objects. so it made sense to create a marketplace.

In addition, as in our souls we are makers and we love the Maker world we also decided to include other digital fabrication tools such as laser cutters, CNC routers, vinyl cutters and 3D scanners. Those that need something to be made will not have to do it piece by piece. Everything will be available on the same site 🙂

If you need someone to make a design for you we will also have designers providing 3D modelling service.


What have we done up to now?

Well, defining the model, create a landing page, a blog, social networks presence (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest), …don’t underestimate the amount of effort that all this represents.

With the first 50 registered users we ran a survey some days ago already. If you want to help you can take the survey here. It’s only six questions. Superfast!

And few days ago we ended the web design, the wireframes. Frankly speaking, the most tedious part. Although we know this will change over time, we need to start with something.

It’s like when you have a plan. Plans are never accomplished on time, but at list they serve as a guide haha.

We are already taking orders via a form. Good practice since it lets us understand a bit what people are looking for, and the fact is that the majority have a maker focus. It forced as to take a service discoverer role using our contacts network: a CNC cut, a 3D scan, a 3d print but with a resin printer, and finally a normal object 3D printing…

Talking to people we also learned about other interest topics such as selling parts, additional services for makers like design and printing of PCBs, training courses, workshops to build 3d printers, …etc…

But this is for later. First thig is to have the basic service up and running 🙂

To finish

If you have interest to know or you want to provide any of the services described I encourage you to sign-up in our website

If you want to request services you can do it already!! just push the Request button and ask…

Barcelona Startup Weekend

Barcelona Startup Weekend 2013

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The weekend of June 1st & 2th I joined Barcelona Startup Weekend.

Disclaimer: this post is going to be long, just because it has been sitting in my ToDo list for some days now, and I guess I had enough time to digest the experience, so more content!

All participants met on Friday. 60 seconds to pitch your idea, and then eight teams of 7-8 people are built by votes and affinity.

Around 60 participants, and among all we pitched more than 30 ideas. Amazing!

So we did not have much time for networking this day.

My idea had some votes, but it wasn’t enough attractive to be in the first eight. In fact I have myself doubts about its feasibility for some parts, and if I am not even convinced myself where am I going with this? Americans have the phrase “Eat your own dog food”, which matches exactly this in the startup world. Do not design something you will not be willing to pay for nor use yourself.

So I decided for the concept Camping & Breakfast, a sustainable initiative to free up unused land so that free campers can use it. During the weekend we evolved it to camp&break.


The next day, hands on. You get a copy of the Canvas and a bit more documentation and you have two days to work the idea. At some point you have mentors visiting around the tables giving advice or even helping to reorient the idea.

Our group had a high variety of profiles: architect, designer, communication, marketing, biology entrepreneur, engineer, developer and myself but I often don’t know how to define myself. More business management than any other thing for this event, but I am passionate about the techie topics…

The engineer was not feeling good and we lost her on Saturday afternoon. Never came back. In addition to working, we also had some networking moments, for instance Joan and I went to have a drink with the organizers at the end of Saturday. And everybody had the opportunity to speak with people from other groups sooner or later. Well, and on Sunday after prices were communicated we all went to have a drink.

Barcelona Startup Weekend

The experience was new to me. I had spent full weekends doing mountain activity, with bivouacs and stuff like this, and the last weekend fully dedicated to something was back in April when I built my own 3d printer in a workshop organized by RepRapBCN (if you can afford it, very recommended!!).

This one had in addition a play component but also some work aspect. But frankly speaking, I recommend it strongly. I enjoyed the experience of working in a diverse group with different points of view, to see the importance of design and communication to present an idea, when i am usually focused in a more spartan view of the concept.

But people want experiencies, not just functionality. It will be a challenge the moment we define a MVP, as for me it is just enough that it does the minimum that it has to deliver while the design/marketing oriented people will want it that it has a minimum of attractiveness. I am fully convinced that I will learn something in this route 🙂

During the weekend we quite modified the concept. Initially we wanted to get money for providing a quality badge or label to the land owners, and then we moved to a more similar concept to airbnb where we granted a minimum quality standard by unique views for instance, also through the badge, but away form taking this as the main source of income and looking at badges as the platform quality gatekeeper. We will have to follow working on the concept and review the badge concept as it seems to me low scalable.

We made a 5 years plan, not needed but we made it, to experience ho easy it is to change and forecast figures until making a profitable plan.


CabiedesCAC y LTV

In fact Luis M. Cabiedes made a speech on Sunday where he explained something already known, that investors completely ignore financial plans just because it is really easy to modify them and are usually away of startup reality which is absolutely changing.

The most important: CAC LTV, or in other words that the business model is good.


On Sunday after some stressful moment finishing up the presentation against the countdown, we made the presentations round. We were the last ones! It seems worse than better as you see how well other presentations are and you get more nervous. But nothing we can do about it.

Sandra made an excellent!!! And Pati rounded it with the Q&As.

The main doubt among the jury was the legal framework, and in fact this is the first thing to address as we did not have anything validated at that moment.

And finally, after the jury discussion, we were winners!!

I just was astonished for winning, taking into account that you usually tend to look at your project weal points than in how it excels compared to others. But the truth is that the presentation was wonderful and the idea is innovative. And as a mountaineer, I was captivated from the beginning.

After this and the flush of success, we will have a first meeting to decide what we do. Generally there is intention to carry on.
Not sure if the seven or less, we’ll see next week.

Anyway, although there were some basic logistic mistakes from organization, the process and the experience is worth doing it. It is a very good learning experience and in addition it lets you know many people with interest in the same topics. You will not learn theory about startups, and nothing related to lean startup, this has to be already part of your grounding or absorb as much as you can from your colleagues.

And I recommend it!

El equipo

Cheers to my team friends: SandraMarioPatiMariajoJoan y Aina. Good team!