I mainly offer services to create prototypes and final products.

For this I use techniques of design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, wood work with CNC routers, sanding and painting in order to create prototypes ready to show or final product directly.

I have experience with labs developing product prototypes, where I took care of several or all phases of development from concept to design, prototype fabrication and even final product manufacturing.

I opened again the 3D printing service in 2017, using a couple of FDM 3dprinters.

I can print any size, just need to break it into parts and join them later. I can also make designs, depending of the type of modeling needed.

Mi impresora 3d
Miy first 3D printer in 2013: RepRap BCN3D
BCN3D Sigma 2017
The BCN3D Sigma R17 3D printer in 2017
CNC router Stepcraft 840 for wood and others

I have the recovery of the Clarityfab prototype, a resin DLP 3dprinter, in the pipeline. Soon some highly detailed prints will be available.

Interested in a budget? just contact me.