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Who is Norbert Rovira

Norbert Rovira

I think, therefore I make

Since I discovered 3D printing in 2012 I felt in love with the maker and DIY concepts, to be able to think about something and convert it in a real object. I am a freelancer. I help companies, professionals and individuals to implement all the benefits this brings, either with 3D modeling service, 3D printing service or training them directly.

What I do
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Printing
  • Courses
  • Prototypes
  • I wrote a Fusion 360 book in Spanish
  • Customized objects for decoration and gifts
My hobbies
  • Trailrunning
  • Rock climbing
  • Alpine climbing
  • Trekking
  • Ski mountaineering
  • Blogging
  • Youtube channel Normaker in Spanish
  • Designing objects with Fusion 360
Commodore 64

From Commodore 64 & Spectrum generation

I was born in 1970. I had the opportunity to live the PC emerging while I was playing and learning to code with a Commodore 64 as a teenager. Technology has always been one of my passions, but not the tool to make a living for a big chunk of my life ;). I write about it in this site blog. I have a historical blog in Tumblr where I was talking about the gadgets I love and other tech news up to 2015: My Tekkie Soul (I switch writing between English and Spanish, and it's abandoned now).

Collaborative creation in Barcelona

Founder of 3D Print Barcelona

In 2013 I built my first 3D printer in a workshop, and we kept contact among the attendees. From there the group was formed a month later, and I am the founder (and organizer up to 2021). 3D Print Barcelona is a community of 3D printing users and passionate people in Barcelona. Its mission is to spread knowledge in the city and knowledge sharing among members while we have fun doing it. I've learnt a lot during these years in the group, either on technological aspects, organization, education since I deliver talks and workshops there, or human for the contact with others and sharing experiences in a non for profit manner.

Customizing objects

Founder of Artecitos

With all the knowledge during these years in 2017 I jumped into taking benefit of all the potential of digital fabrication. With my partner Natalia we built Artecitos, an online shop where we make customized objects for home decoration, gifts or geek themes in wood or 3D printed. The most successful product was the wood portrait made from a picture in two colors, with stencil style.

Am I really an entrepreneur?

Other experiences

My background is in administration and MBA, plus a computer science grade later on because I was missing the technological side. I worked in a mega multinational corporation for years with responsibility roles. I've been a wannabe entrepreneur, that finally accomplished my wish at 45, always with partners. I had a couple of failed attempts as co-founder:, a network of local fabbers using digital fabrication and a project to build a resin 3dprinter for the dental market. Both websites do not exist anymore.
In 2015 I co-founded LynxCross, a functional training gym where we have lots of fun. I am no longer involved in day to day business. And in 2016 I co-founded Natural Robotics in line with my other hobby, a company to manufacture 3D printers. I left the company a year later when we were still developing the SLS prototype.

Mountain activities

I am passionate about mountains

Around 2006 I started to rock climb, and this was another big change in my life. During these years I increased the number of mountain related activities: rock climbing, climbing, alpine climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, running, trail running, via ferrata, hiking, ...
You can follow me in Spanish in my mountain blog: Sisifoescalador