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Comunitats and Trustcloud

By 31/05/2013October 31st, 2020Reputation, Startup

I’ve been user of Comunitats for a while now, but i didn’t check the web for some days and I was amazed  to discover that they have integrated with Trustcloud. [Update March 2017: both services aren’t active anymore]

(disclaimer: I know Comunitats founders and I have a friend in their team)

Comunitats karma

Karma en Comunitats

Trustcloud added some months ago a new area for share-economy. And this is great because the added value of Trustcloud is that it can bring someone background in marketplaces where he is unknown. And typically these are the share-economy places such as taskrabbit, carpooling, airbnbcouchsurfing, etc.

Trustcloud - task sharing

Trustcloud – task sharing

I miss however to be able to integrate my blog, up to now the main source for the recognition I have since I publish my public activities there, like the 3D Printing meetups for example.

But if we speak about pure transactions, the direction Trustcloud has taken is good enough. It’s your behavior in the marketplaces transactions what counts. Share-economy is its target!

How they will monetize is the open question that still is open to me. If I was asked to pay a fee to be able to post my badge, the answer is a no-brainer. I don’t perceive as a user that they are adding a value that I am ready to pay. I guess they will have to come with another type of model.

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