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Free Fusion 360 course Raspberry Pi 4 box

By 06/10/2020October 12th, 2020Fusion360, Training

Some days ago I created a 1h30 free course in Spanish useful for two types of public:

  • If you don’t know Fusion 360, you can see how the application works.

  • If you have already used the app, you can check if you have enough knowledge of the app to take the best out of it, or there is still something I can teach you.

So, in short time, you can see if it is convenient for you to learn it, or to deepen more in it.

It is sometimes very difficult to get an idea if a software is worth learning it for your needs. In Youtube there are usually videos that explain how to make specific operations, or very cool timelapses (I also have them in my channel…).

But something more practical is difficult to find, unless you spend plenty of time looking. Obviously, I sell Fusion 360 online courses and I am interested in having you falling for the app.

What will you see in the course?

urso Fusion 360 - Caja Raspberry Pi 4 abierta

In this free online course I build step by step a box for a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

For this, I start with a Raspi model, available in Fusion 360 gallery. I import it as a component and use its references to build the box around. With this references it is easier to make a box that fits perfectly, adding tolerance wherever it seems to need it.

The technique shown is useful for any kind of electronic board, Arduino, etc. If you look for it in Fusion 360 gallery or in GrabCAD you will probably find the 3D model.

A nice thing to mention, you will be able to make your own customized logo with vent holes that you will add to the model. The NR on the cover in my case.

In the example you will import a logo image and sketch lines on top of it (use your own logo, of course). You can also use a vector graphics image in SVG or DXF format instead, and this speeds up the process.

Curso Fusion 360 - Caja Raspberry Pi 4 cerrada

Although I explain all steps, the course moves forward pretty fast to cover everything in an hour and a half. You don’t have to take this as a reference of how my Fusion 360 paid online courses are delivered, since in those I go deeper in the topics and there is a progression easier to follow.

The box is intended to be 3D printed, of course. And, frankly speaking, I was amazed that the box had a perfect fit at first attempt. I am used to perform iterations. I guess it’s because I used exact measures and I was lucky with tolerances at first try.

You can also watch an explanation in Spanish and a timelapse of the course in this video in my channel.

Where to find the course

To access this course I only ask you to join my Spanish mail list. I send mails frequently, if you are not interested just unsubscribe whenever you want.

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