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I left the Founder Institute

By 09/01/2014October 31st, 2020Startup, Thoughts

This week I left the Founder Institute.

Founder Institute

For those that have not heard about it, it is an accelerator program for startups compatible with your current job. Sessions are held one evening per week for four months.

The main reason to leave is that I moved to another project in December. The program, that has standard objectives for the whole world, went into a mismatch with the priorities I have for our startup ClarityFab (we make 3dprinters).

So you end up doing work that, even if it is for your startup, has lower priority than other tasks where you really need to focus.

In addition, the sessions have presentations from mentors about the different topics throughout the startup creation: customer review, revenues, legal & IP, etc. However, as I’ve attended a significant number of events startup related over the last year, I actually was not finding myself learning anything substantially new.

There is a piece that can be improved from my point of view. The program is setup like a competition system where only the best projects survive (you can join another project if yours is weak). It reminds to me the philosophy quite American style like “only the best make it”.

But in fact, if you have some weaknesses what makes sense is to get special support for the weak topic (groups of participants are created with the intention that the group provides support). You join the program just for this, to get help. If you have to do it on your own you then just don’t need to join any program.

Where I see a good proposition. If you have hard work capacity and you want someone to push you to build a startup in 4 months this is a option fully compatible with your day job. Accelerators usually require full-time dedication from the very beginning.

Some advice. Do not underestimate the amount of work to be done, if you want to do it well.

Now fully dedicated to! This week we closed our search for an office 🙂

PS: opinions expressed here are personal and my own.

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