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I love Customizer

By 26/08/2013October 25th, 20203D Printing, Platform

After I uploaded my object to Thingiverse, the cork for oil container, as I explain in my last post it was time to try Customizer.

I love Customizer!!

The truth is it is really simple. Thought to be used with OpenSCAD and some additional libraries.

Once you upload an object in Thingiverse you have to add the tag “customizer” and the app does the rest. When you visit the object you already have the option “Open in Customizer” active.

Customizer interprets OpenSCAD code and is capable to determine the input parameters. You have to follow basic conventions as explained here.

All variables are considered parameters by default, except for those that have an operation or a reference to another variable.

For example, if I want to use $fn=100; to have the cylinder built with a good number of fragments and show it round, this is going to be considered a parameter.

But if I use $fn=100*1; this is not considered anymore.

For my cork model it has taken just a minute to make it customizable.

I added the description to each parameter just by including a comment in the line above, and that’s all.

The result can be seen in this new thing. And the example of options available when you open it.

In the example here I modified the radius to make a more “spectacular” cork 😛

Corcho en Customizer

Corcho en Customizer

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