I am the organizer of the 3d print Barcelona group. I am doing it for fun and I enjoy it a lot. We founded it in 2013 starting from the participants of a workshop where we built our own 3D printer.

I made a couple of attempts to start a business (fabshub, clarityfab), but it did not work. You always learn something 😉

And another, Natural Robotics, focused on 3D printers design and manufacturing. It’s still active but I left a year later in March 2017 to focus on design activities and leave the hardware manufacturing space.

I have two big passions, mountains and technology. And since I did not find yet a way to merge both I ended up building different businesses:

Freelancer for design, 3D modeling and 3D printing. I spent years in this activity as a hobby and professionally since 2017. You can see my portfolio in this website.

LynxCross is a gym where we do functional training. It has climbing walls with wood holds, inspired on rock climbing but feasible for anyone.

Artecitos is an online shop where I take advantage of digital fabrication at full. We make customized objects in wood with CNC routers or with 3D printing: home decor, gifts and geek topics.