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New Mesh environment in Fusion 360

With July 2021 Fusion 360 update, Autodesk gave us the Spanish language translation for its interface. But there was also a huge change regarding the environment to work with meshes (triangles or quads).

I also take the opportunity to announce that I am switching to the Spanish interface from now on.

There are several topics to point:

Parametric Mesh environment

Important change: operations performed in Mesh environment are now stored in the timeline and you can access them any time to modify their options. Everything is recalculated to get a final model as in other environments.

With this, you avoid having to take several steps performed before, such as deactivating parametric design with Do not capture design history, to be able to perform the command Mesh to BREP.

Now you simply have to perform Modify – Convert Mesh from the Mesh environment.

In addition to the faceted conversion that we all know, a new option Prismatic has been created. This one creates a surface for each face group (group of triangles in fact) that you have identified in the model and allows you a direct conversion without triangles.

Take into account that this last option is only available por Commercial license (I guess also for Startup and Education but I have not confirmed this yet).

In this video in Spanish I explain both options of the process.

You can download the model in STL used in the video here.

3MF Format

With the update it is also possible to import meshes in 3MF format, known to be superior to STL format and probalbly its successor when we talk about models in mesh format.

Remember to use STEP and native format when sharing designs in repositories to make life easier for everyone.

In addition, it is also possible to export in 3MF format from bodies with right mouse button – Save as mesh.

Nothing more to say: you can import and export in 3MF.

New mesh functions

I haven’t explored yet all possibilites but I see the environment is strongly based on the creation of face groups. Those are groups of triangles that facilitate any modification and handling of meshes. And in fact what you select in this environment are these groups instead of triangles.

Example of face groups shown by color

This is an old concept seen in Meshmixer years ago, and in fact the functionality of generating face groups is very similar (Meshmixer has more options as it is highly specialized in meshes handling).

There is also a new operation to repair meshes with several algorithms, migrated from Netfabb, and I think Hollow is also a new option.

I will be improving these post as soon as I explore more the environment.

My online courses

The Mesh environment and STLs handling and modification is shown in a basic way in my curso de Nivel 1, and completely in the Reverse Engineering topic in curso de Nivel 2.

If you are considering learning or improving your Fusion 360 skills, you can have a look at the first three topics of the curso de Nivel 1. I have them in Preview mode for free just by subscribing to my newsletter in this form.

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