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Podcast about Fusion 360

By 20/09/2020October 25th, 2020Fusion360, maker

At the beginning of September I joined a podcast with Luis del Valle from programarfacil and Diego Trapero from Bitfab.

We talked about Fusion 360, before Autodesk announced the changes in Personal Use license that had so much outrage reaction.

As Luis likes to do, we first talked about my career and then we went into the topic of Fusion 360 and also CAD in general.

We also talked about use cases, such as reengineering a broken piece and when it makes sense to 3D scan, take measures with a caliper or scan faces in 2D with the typical 2D scanner that usual desktop printers have.

We of course talked about my online courses in Spanish at the end.

Where to find the podcast?

You can listen the podcast in programarfacil website, or if you prefer to watch a video, in my YouTube channel.

To make it a bit more fun to watch, I added a timelapse showing how I designed an Audi R8 using the Form workspace. There are many mistakes, in fact it is not finished, but at least it’s something nice for your eyes.

It’s sped up 6 times. It took me 7h to build it, since making cars is not at all my specialty!

Recent changes in Fusion 360

Since the podcast the scene has changed a bit because Fusion 360 announced changes with restrictions for the hobby free license, starting on October 1st, 2020.

I am not going to get into details here. Basically if you use it for pure hobby and 3D printing, making designs from time to time, you are not much affected by the changes.

You can find the details in my video in Spanish about Personal Use changes.

Who are Luis and Diego?

Programarfacil is a website where Luis offers training courses about Arduino programming. Although there is plenty of information available online, with his courses you ensure to learn quickly and with a good methodology.

At Bitfab Diego offers 3D printing services, in the Madrid area. He has a very large experience with 3D printing, and combines this activity with the management of hospital Gregorio Marañón fablab.

My courses

If you start with Fusion 360 from scratch, I have a level 1 course starting at beginner level that will let you get to a very good level to tackle almost all your projects.

If you have been using Fusion 360 for a while and want to improve your knowledge and adopt best practices, I recommend the pack with the two levels. Nothing will resist your skills afterwards and in addition you will be using best practices to be able to apply changes easily.

You will find them here, starting with a free course about building a box for a Raspberry Pi 4 so you can see the process and how fast it can be.

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