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Preparing a Fusion 360 workshop at Punt Multimèdia

By 27/04/2018February 11th, 2020Training, Fusion360, Fusion360, 3D Printing, Training

During May and June I will run a 12h workshop, split in 6 sessions, at Punt Multimèdia in Barcelona.

Fusion360 is a very powerful and complete CAD/CAM tool, coming from a fusion of several legacy tools from Autodesk. If you don’t intend to use it in a business with more than 100k$/year income, the license is free. Unfortunately the interface is not available yet in Spanish, and the software works only in Windows and Mac but not Linux.

I started to use it more than a year ago when I bought a CNC router, because the very same software can manage the design piece and the CNC router programming piece. And I love it!! it became my only design software nowadays.

I take now the opportunity to share the course curriculum that I prepared and, well, if you have any suggestions they’re welcome in the comments.

Session 1 – May 15th

  • Introduction to interface and navigation
  • License types, modules brief overview
  • Model module
    • First Sketches in 2D using dimensions and constraints
    • Extrusion of some 2D sketches

Interfaz Sketch

Session 2 – May 22nd

  • Model module in full
    • using construction planes
    • creation of basic solids
    • operations to create volumes: extrusion, revolution, sweep, loft, etc.
    • Boolean operations: join, cut, intersect
    • split bodies and faces
    • final modifications: fillet and chamfer

Interfaz Model

Session 3 – May 29th

  • Patch module – creating faces, not bodies
    • operations to create faces: extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, patch, offset
    • modifications on faces: extend, trim, stitch, create a body from faces (stitch and thicken)
  • Insert and modify vector graphics (SVG / DXF) and objects (STL)
  • Designing for 3D printing. The watertight concept and tolerances. Be careful with Patch!!

Interfz Patch

Session 4 – Jun 5th

  • Body vs Component
  • Assemblies, joining components
  • Sculpt module, distorting forms and creating more organic bodies

Interfaz Sculpt

Session 5 – June 12th

Other modules:

  • Sheet metal, for metal lovers 🙂
  • Render, applying materials to bodies and faces, lights and more
  • Animation, show how things move based on created assemblies
  • Simulation, analyze the structure of an object, apply forces and find out where it will suffer
  • CAM, program a CNC router from the very same software
  • Drawing, to make 2D drawings showing design specifications

Interfaz Render

Session 6 – June 19th

This is a session fully dedicated to practice.

We will design a complex object using all the knowledge acquired in this workshop.

We will define the model to be created based on the attendees interest. We often make a simplified version of a TIE Fighter

Tie Fighter curso Fusion 360If this appeals you, you know already, join the course Fusion 360 at Punt Multimèdia. They have symbolic prices for the content it will have, probably subsidized 😉

PS: the model used in the example pictures is from a design I made of a vacuum adapter for the Stepcraft CNC router that I use. Later on it was printed with magnets inserted.

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