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Reputation online – the World is changing

By 24/02/2013October 12th, 2020Reputation

I am starting a new blog to explore (and learn with you at the same time) the new trends and challenges of online reputation and the storage of personal information in the cloud.

The privacy aspect and how the mindsets are changing is also particularly interesting to me. From the unconsciousness to the deliberate decisions there is a big span of different attitudes regarding this.

The starting point is a delightful video from Rachel Botsman in a Sep 2012 TED Talk.

Before that, I have to disclaim I am not an English native speaker so you may find some grammar mistakes in my posts…

[ted id=1572]

What Rachel Botsman points is that we live in a world that needs another way of measuring value in addition to the typical currency value. In particular, this is most needed when we think about any kind of transaction or interaction online, as part of the Collaborative Consumption trend.

I like this video because it shows real cases. For example she explains the case of Airbnb -service to rent spare rooms in your house- and the fact that a good reputation in the service provided by one owner brings him more customers is a clear example of what she points. Quoting her:

But the real magic and the secret source behind collaborative consumption marketplaces like Airbnb isn’t the inventory or the money. It’s using the power of technology to build trust between strangers.

There are other examples in the video, that illustrate the same point. We can build our own reputation in the communities and marketplaces. But be careful to distinguish between reputation (the trust people put on you) and influence (the numbers of ‘likes’ and shares you get) where Klout is a typical example of tool to measure it.

Reputation capital: the worth of your reputation -intentions, capabilities and values – across communities and marketplaces

And here comes an open question that we need to solve for the future:

Currently the reputation in one marketplace or community stays within this platform but it is not possible to use it in another one, so you need to build it from scratch again. And there will be plenty of questions to solve regarding these different reputations and their translation to other areas. If you are a good seller in eBay does it mean that you know how to build IKEA furniture in Taskrabbit?

And there is clear appetite to have a tool that provides a sort of dashboard of your reputation online combining the different aspects. See the example from Rachel’s video:

Reputation dashboard

Dashboard de reputación extraído del TEDTalk de Rachel Botsman

And just to finish with this post, the ending sentence from Rachel:

In the 21st century, new trust networks, and the reputation capital they generate, will reinvent the way we think about wealth, markets, power and personal identity, in ways we can’t yet even imagine.

Wonderful!!! now it’s time to see what the market and all the creative people in the World is already imagining as new ways to facilitate trust online.

There are people already working on it, but this will be the topic for my next post!

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