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3D modeling service in Barcelona

We step-in in any phase, from sketching the idea to validation through 3D printing. In person in Barcelona or remotely, always with personal contact.

With professional tools

We use Autodesk Fusion360 as main tool for CAD/CAM/CAE, and in addition Meshmixer and others for finishing.

Prototyping with iterations

We design prototypes in several iterations that can be validated in-house with 3D printing. We can take care of the full process.

Experts in 3D printing

Our broad experience let us ensure that the model will be printable and with the desired specifications and characteristics.

Design for 3D printing

We are experts in 3D printing

We apply to the design all the requirements for 3D printing, or for the fabrication technology to be used. Concepts like watertight (a closed solid), manifold edges (each connects exactly to two edges), face normals pointing out, no faces intersecting, clearance and wall thickness appropriate for the material to be used.

Beyond 3D design

We make prototypes with final finish

Because sometimes it's not just about designing an object, it can also be a prototype to make a presentation to your client. We deal with 3D printing, with joining the parts if we had to break it in several pieces, with post-processing and final finish according to the material (ABS smoothing, sanding-painting-varnishing, etc).
We also work with a CNC router in wood, acrylic and other soft materials when it's a question of making prototypes with bigger size, sign letters or simply looking for other types of materials.


Examples of design full process

  • A sketch or an idea
  • Dimensional drawings
  • A CAD file
  • A sample object
  • Fast iterations
  • Dimensions validation
  • Functional validation
  • Before final delivery
  • Design images
  • Object renders
  • 3D printing in final material
  • Object post-processing (optional)
  • Sanding, painting, varnishing (optional)

Ask for a quote

We will contact you, or if you prefer you can email us at