Training courses, workshops and private lessons

About the CAD/CAM/CAE tool Fusion 360, TinkerCAD for CAD beginners and Introduction to 3D printing

For schools and training centers

Experience with kids and teenagers. Practical content adapted to attendees age in order to catch their interest and keep their attention.

For companies and professionals

Training in your premises to a group or to an individual, with a customized program to go in deep in the tool in relation to a specific project, or in general.

For makers and individuals

Through private lessons or in group, for specific projects very focused on the tools to use to reach the desired result, or also more generic.

For community centers and alike

Generic group classes, or adapted to the needs of the community center, co-working space, makerspace, etc...

TinkerCAD training

Courses and workshops on Autodesk TinkerCAD

TinkerCAD is by far the CAD tool for beginners. It's ideal for kids and teenagers in schools and training centers, as well as for individuals in community centers and alike that want to facilitate access to this technology and learning to model in a 3D environment.

3D printing training

Courses and workshops about 3D printing

With the experience acquired in the 3D Print Barcelona group giving talks and workshops, we have a pretty good content. The 3D printing session includes a generic introduction of different uses, technologies, printer models, materials and software or something more specific about a sector, usage and applications and its impact. We can bring a 3D printer to show the complete process from an idea to the object.

Training options with Fusion 360

We have a 12h standard program that can be developed in 2h sessions and we have provided in centers in Barcelona. The content of the course can be checked in this post. It is possible to cut part of the content or to focus in specific tools or processes.

We recommend that group sessions have a maximum of 15 attendees. Over this, we should bring a second trainer to provide support to the main trainer.

An interesting option is to learn by doing following the concept that it is better to give the fishing rod and teach how to fish than to give the fish directly. We provide private lessons (in person or online) where in few hours you will develop your project, in a guided manner, with Fusion 360. And you learn the tools at the same time.

In this post we describe this type of experience, that was really grateful as trainers.

Training options with TinkerCAD

TinkerCAD is ideal for kids and teenagers to learn how to 3D model with CAD. For this we have the possibility to give sessions in group, which are practical and with content and objects design adapted to each group type. A typical session takes 2 hours, in this post we explain an example of session in a training center.

For big classes around thirty people we recommend to support the trainer with another person from our team, who will be walking around the tables solving doubts.

TinkerCAD can be interesting for adult people who want to begin in 3D modeling. The content is interesting for community centers, multimedia centers, co-working spaces and alike as an entry point. we can also mix topics (check Others).

The ideal class size is around fifteen people in a 2h session, but given the low complexity of the content we can even do the session with more adults and no additional support.

Training options with 3D Printing

The 3D Printing courses format is of speech type, with no limit in the number of attendees.We can deliver either for young or adult people, with content adapted to each group in 2 to 3h session.

It includes support material to show among the attendees and facilitate understanding of some concepts related to 3D printed objects. We can include a 3D printer that will be working at the end of the event and explain in real how it works.

We have large experience, since 2013, with Introduction to 3D Printing events in 3D Print Barcelona group founded by Norbert Rovira. And the content contains an overview and explanation of the different uses and advantages, base technologies, materials, machine models, software options for design and where to print.

Options for mixed and customized trainings

We can make courses with customized content within the area of design and 3D modeling and the rest of the process up to 3D printing of the object and post-processing. An usual example is to develop a program that includes an introduction to 3D printing, a TinkerCAD workshop to start with CAD and the 3D printing of a piece designed during the workshop.

También trabajamos con madera, modelado en 3D y cortado con CNC y se puede hacer formación sobre ese proceso, y el acabado manual de lijar, pintar y barnizar hasta la pieza final. Se pueden ver ejemplos de productos creados por esta vía en Artecitos.

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