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Starting with Python

By 29/04/2014October 31st, 2020Computers

After few weeks more quiet, I couldn’t resist to engage in some MOOC (MOOC are open online courses, free, from famous universities. They cover any kind of topics).

I already learned some Ruby on Rails last year but Python is all over the place, especially in the Maker scene, so let’s go for Python!

I started a couple of courses:
In Udacity: Intro to Computer Science
In Coursera: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

Udacity course is really too simple, if you know already the programming concepts, it progresses slowly, so in the end I lost interest. But for someone that wants to start from scratch I recommend it!

Coursera course, although it pretends also to be an intro, moves fast into nice stuff. Mini-projects are funny.
The first one is Rock-paper-scissor-lizard-spok for example!

And the last one I did was Pong.


I’ll have to think what to do afterwards with the Raspberry 😉

There is only one thing i don’t like from  Coursera. It’s the evaluation model, first by peers and then self-evaluation. For programming exercises you could make an automatic evaluation (it was like this for the SaaS courses I took in Edx). For other subjective type topics I understand this methodology. But you end up with a lot of deadlines to control: to send your mini-project, to evaluate your peers, to self-evaluate, uf! I missed already some deadlines for the first submission, so I go on my on now.

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