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Trimaker in Argentina

By 29/11/2013October 13th, 20203D Printing

I was in Argentina for work and used the opportunity to visit the guys from Trimaker.
Trimaker is a resin 3d printer with DLP made in Buenos Aires.

I was very warm welcome,  and they let me take some pictures.


They currently have around 40 printers sold. Most of them in Argentina and few in Uruguay. 
If I understood properly they already have a second version of the printer, that will require less customer service effort thanks to the improvements included. In fact the pictures are from the new one, if I am not mistaken.

I arrived just when they were finishing a printing and I could see the low quantity of resin they have in the tray because the printing is done with the object hanging and going upward. 
To ensure the object stays stuck to the support platform they print a fine plate all over the support platform.

I learnt that they came to Barcelona a month ago and visited MADE, met with Joan (he is now in an accelerator in the Netherlands developing his own resin 3dprinter) and they also met the Rapid Prototyping Association.


Things I saw:

  • The object goes up
  • Tray with very low quantity of resin
  • Support has a fine plaque printed to ensure proper stickiness. The plaque is added by the slicer.
  • They have created a plugin for Rhino that generates the support material and validates the best object angle to avoid contraction. Usually 20 degrees as it tends to avoid contraction horizontally.
  • Their own software for slicing, it uploads stl for model and stl for supports Separately. The soft merges them and using slic3r in the background generates the bitmaps combined with some exposure adjustments (time per layer and in first layers)
  • Soft connects to printer through Wi-Fi
  • by now only taking good designs, selected. Idea to monetize some time in the future by selling models or selling the model already list to print with all the preparation work done. Still to explore.
  • They synergies with the 3dprinter network fabshub as they also have interest in customization
  • They spent 3 years developing the printer,  3 months since launch, and around 40 printers sold in Argentina and few in Uruguay. I forgot to ask for the price!
  • They will later come to Spain. You need to make the printer in Spain in order to be viable. And in fact they have been making contacts in Spain already

I was really well welcome and I met Juan one of the partners, Gastón who does business development, Karen an industrial designer, and Maximiliano the developer.

Here you have a couple of pictures of an object just finished, with all the supports and the plaque I mentioned above.


Greetings to everyone from Barcelona!

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