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Co-founder of LynxCross gym

Passionate about technology and mountains

Delta Black

3D modeling and design

3D printing in several technologies, final product finish

Laser cutting and engraving

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Introducción a Fusion 360

The free meetup events and the no-shows

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Today I am a bit angry, but I can’t do much in respect apart from venting out through my blog as a megaphone to share my pain. The 3D Print…

Draudi paso3

First experiences with a BCN3D Sigma

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This week Tresdenou delivered tome a BCN3D Sigma R17 3D printer. I was looking for a Dual Extruder and that it was quite plug’n’play for once 😉 And my choice was between this…

Stepcraft kit

Starting with the Stepcraft CNC router

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About three months ago I bought a Stepcraft CNC router, following the advice of a friend that already has it. It’s not an industrial CNC router, but you can play quite with…

Nexus 5 sin cámara

Nexus 5 camera replacement

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It looks like planned obsolescence is quite applied to smartphones, since they don’t last more than a couple of years without issues. It may be because the battery slowly dies…

makerfaire rome

Enjoying our 3D printing project: the VIT

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We are just few days from the Makerfaire Rome, after the craziness of Barcelona Printer Party this Saturday where I am also part of the organization. And in just a…