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About me

Passionate about technology

3D printing

and mountains

I jumped into 3D printing in 2013, founding 3D Print Barcelona community
Founder of Artecitos, customized objects shop
3D modeling and 3D printing freelance, prototypes fabrication
Alpinist, rock climber, trailrunner, skimo, etc...

About me

First designs from my students of Fusion 360 online course

On April 11st, 2020 I launched the Fusion 360 Basic online course in Spanish. My students tell me that I should call it "Essential" instead of Basic because it is…
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5 tricks for 3D printing with Fusion 360

In this post we will cover five Fusion 360 functions that will be very useful when we make designs for 3D printing. 1. Apply clearance by parameters for 3D printer…
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Fusion 360 licenses – which one to use

Autodesk Fusion 360 provides several free licenses in addition to the commercial one. In this article we explore all options and differences between them. As the license policy changes over…